5 Fun Sports Which Helps You to Stay Fit and Active

Playing a sport keeps you fit mentally as well as physically energising and de-stressing the mind and body at the same time. It also offers you an opportunity to network with other professionals through digital media, you can share your fitness photos or start a fitness challenge just the one that was viral a few days back. Digital media has had a tremendous effect on sports that is why there are so many digital marketing agencies in Melbourne and all over the world to help you.

However, playing a sport doesn’t mean it has to be boring, the best kind is the one that you enjoy but also the one that gets your heart rate up.

Here are the 5 fun sports to play to help you stay fit and active.


Swimming is not only a popular sport to watch on the world stage but also one of the most recommended workouts at all stages of life. It is a low impact workout where water provides gentle resistance and there is no risk of injury. Swimming tones the muscles, improves lung capacity and helps you keep a healthy body weight all in addition to burning calories.


Say bye to all your gym woes, no painful crunches, no boring weight-lifting and no waiting in the line for the treadmill, Zumba is here. Dance your way to weight loss, an hour of Zumba can set you back by a whopping 800 calories. This not only helps you lose weight but you also get a toned body. One more benefit of this high-intensity dance-inspired workout is to keep your stress at bay.


It is a fun sport that can be performed at any level of fitness. It is a great cardio workout for a healthy heart and lungs while also using the leg muscles intensively. Cycling tones your thighs, glutes, calves and strengthens them without having any impact on your joints. It is also ideal for strengthening the lower back and the spine. Cycling is good for balancing and stability as well as increases the sense of well being and creates a feeling of inner calmness.


Running is a fun sport and the most obvious ways to lose weight. In this you push your body to its limit and can literally feel the muscles working, fat burning and sweat pouring. If you are running to stay fit, try starting off by jogging and gradually building up speed. Running for about 6.5 miles per hour for 30 minutes will help you burn 370 calories.


Tennis is a total body workout where you need to move around the court to not miss the ball and also get rid of calories. Moving around the court acts as a cardio workout while the serving and hitting motion of the ball is great for flexibility and exercising the muscles. Tennis also improves bone strength and improves the hand-eye coordination.

The above-mentioned are the 5 fun sports you can play to stay active and fit.