Technology has Changed the Face of Sports Industry

In recent years, technology has had a big impact on almost every aspect of our lives. The world has changed tremendously as people can now gain information more quickly, communicate directly and effectively and grow ideas. Technology has impacted every corner of our society and every industry from healthcare to education, government, business and sports.

While it is not always instantly apparent, the effect that technology has had on sports is huge. Sports today use increasingly complex technologies to enhance performance. Here are few technologies that have had a profound effect on sports.

Digital Media

Digital media has had a tremendous effect on sports such as sports coverage is more extensive than ever before. Initially, viewers had to select between few channels to catch the game, but now there are a plethora of options. Coverage is available instantly and you get the information quickly. News and updates can be seen on the go over your mobile devices. In addition to this, social media is creating opportunities that never would have been considered possible. It has changed how fans interact with teams, players and fellow fans. It is a powerful source for getting news, engaging in topical discussions and supporting your teams.

Portable Sensors

Cycling used to be very much a sport of feel and arbitrary judgement, riding a certain distance or climbing up a particular hill many times was enough to prepare people for the race. Then came the heart rate monitors which helped cyclists train within particular heart rate zone. Later power meters were introduced which allowed them to train in accordance with how much power they were pushing through the pedals. Having the ability to train at a consistent level with readings meant that consistent power could be achieved. These sensors are continuously evolving and enhancing the performance of sports person.

This is how technology is changing the face of the sporting industry, however, there are many other technologies that have been incorporated.